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Not Goodbye…..Until we meet again.

September 11, 2013 - Author: Ordinary Girl

Today is going to be a hard day for me my friends. Three years ago we lost my nephew. He was one of the most special people I have ever had the honor of knowing and loving. He was born with SMA – a severe form of Muscular Dystrophy.

He taught me so much and I won’t forget the lessons from either one. I will teach my children the lessons. Cherish your loved ones, time is precious, don’t get impatient – for this too shall pass, you are stronger than you thought you ever could be, breaking down doesn’t mean broken; but mostly how to love without boundaries.

Those and so many more. I grieve today for the memory of that day. But I grieve the hardest for the little angel who left. Both were senseless, both touched my life in a profound way. A day doesn’t pass when I don’t see those laughing brown eyes and that freckled face reflected in the eyes of my children. Today I grieve. I will never forget.

I miss him with a fierce ache this morning. But I sent my kids off to school and his mother can only cry today in remembrance of the days she did the same. And so it is with humble gratitude that I remember him today and his mother and father as well as our family.

RIP my sweet angel, take care of everyone until we meet again.

For about eight years this day has meant to me what it means now to all Americans. A day of remembrance for the greatest sorrow my generation and those behind me have born witness to. A day when the Nation’s heart broke as one, where our anger and disbelief flared as one, we bled together and shed tears as one. A day when we all stood shoulder to shoulder, division lines gone. It has changed our lives forever.

A year ago today, this day took on a whole new meaning. Hearts broke and tears shed for a great grief once again that could not be contained. For on this day the Lord took my nephew Garrett Allen Buthe, who had turned 10 the week before, into his loving arms and welcomed him home. I could not be at his side though I wanted to badly. We left when my son was 5 1/2 and peanut was just 2 1/2. I had promised my son we would be back to visit, and then four and a half long years had passed and life had gotten away from me, I hadn’t visited like I wish I had. I think they only made it back there once. I inadvertently broke a promise to my son and we both know it. I was able to attend his funeral thanks to the great generosity of a woman I didn’t know, but consider a friend now. She knew Garrett, had been one of his paras in school, and everyone who met him and knew him, couldn’t help but love him. It was the least she could do she said.

I remember this day so clearly….

They were very nearly brothers. Born into a close family and born with a mere 8 month difference in their age. Their fathers were brothers and they grew up as close cousins. I have such fond memories of them all. There was not a single bit of difference between any of them and they all loved each other mightily as children are so capable of doing. Want to play tag? Sure thing. Garrett tears out on his ‘hog’ and Ean and Alexandria join in on their bikes. See, not a bit of trouble. Down Uncle Cory and Aunt Lana’s driveway. The three of them were glorious together.

Ean, baby Alex, and GAB
 Watching them tear into Christmas presents together, or playing at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Going up to the cabin with the family for the weekend in Fall River, where they would swim, and jet ski and boat. Where we would watch fireworks and celebrate the Fourth of July. We would lay on rugs and blankets in the living room of the cabin and watch movies and nap together. And there were always card games. Those days are filled with love and laughter. True they held their own trouble and stresses but there are things I would give anything to have back for even just a day. I will never again hear the sweet melody of the three voices raised in laughter together over something silly. There are things you miss so much and they are the little things that tear holes in your soul and let you feel the lonely wind whistle through.
His parents were and still are fabulous. Not a day went by that they didn’t make every wish or dream of his come true. In his short life he accomplished so much. From bagging a deer with his daddy, to scuba diving, to his Muscular Dystrophy involvement and the sweet love of his mother; there wasn’t anything I can see that Garrett ever lacked in his life. They filled it with all the love and excitement a child could desire. With more patience and endurance than I feel like I could do – they worked every day with him. Every Halloween came with an amazing, well thought out costume to include his ‘hog’. They would all head out together to collect the sweet treats in their grandparent’s sub-division. They parented in a way I wish I could always do. In a way that I will always admire and strive to emulate. And we all love with a desperation born of the knowledge that life is so fleeting and unfair at times.
Ten years ago, I dropped my baby off at the sitter and went into my college classes for the day. I was in school for Journalism at the time and we were in the first class of the day, which happened to be Reporting 101. We heard the commotion as it began, the professor stepped out and got some basic information. The whole class was begging to be let out to go into our press room. Then we laid the argument down that if something of great importance was happening, better than sitting in class reading a book, would be to be out there doing what it was we were meant to do, report. Finally after what seemed like forever we were out and staring at the T.V. The first tower had been hit, and the great dark plume of smoke froze our hearts in our chests. Not a sound was going on in the room. We all stood, eyes locked on the screen, hearts in our throats.
When the second tower was hit, the great torrent of tears poured out as we learned what our fellow brothers and sisters were going through. We watched the fire burn so hot that many chose to leap from the burning towers. We watched their bodies fall. And we cried, we raged, we demanded retribution from the ones who had struck at our souls. On our own soil. Then even more horrible than before, we witnessed the collapses of the towers and when we thought we couldn’t be more shocked or grief stricken, again the tears flowed unchecked down our faces.
The thought crossed my mind that people who were alive for the JFK assassination or the Challenger explosion had stood as a Nation united and grieved. Still somehow I guess I never thought something like that would happen in my lifetime, and you hope not in your children’s either. Yet here it was, that moment for our generation and theirs. We stood united again in grief and confusion trying to sort the pain. The professor in charge of the Journalism program called us to attention and said. This is your moment, you can’t stand here and do nothing. You are journalists, get yourselves together and get out there and get the news.
So we mopped our faces, sucked it up and did. But we also grieved. I sat at a bench watching a group pray around me and the flagpole. I felt a solidarity with them, though I did not physically join them. I thought of a good friend, who I knew was a fireman in New York. He had been an engine chaser when he was a kid, then a volunteer fireman when he was old enough. I knew he was there. And I prayed for him as well as all touched this day. We brought back the news. It was my honor to collaborate with a fantastic editor of The Lantern on the feature article. We cranked it out through tears and sweat. It was a one headline day, a triumph in the journalistic sense, and yet there was no joy in it. For one word was all that was needed to speak the depth of this atrocity.
My son was too young to know at the time, just barely approaching 2. But he was overwrought by it this year, when they talked about it in school for the 10th anniversary. I spoke quietly to him about it, while I held him on my lap, his head close to my heart; and I ached. A decade has passed. A year has passed. It still hurts with a burn that won’t stop. I won’t forget the lessons from either one. I will teach my children the lessons. Cherish your loved ones, time is precious, don’t get impatient – for this too shall pass, you are stronger than you thought you ever could be, breaking down doesn’t mean broken. Those and so many more. I grieve today for the memory of that day. But I grieve the hardest for the little angel who left. Both were senseless, both touched my life in a profound way. A day doesn’t pass when I don’t see those laughing brown eyes and that freckled face reflected in the eyes of my children. Today I grieve. I will never forget.
In Loving Memory
Where were you? I hope you are safe and blessed my friends.

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Holidays………Bah Humbug!!

December 23, 2011 - Author: Ordinary Girl

I'll be home for Christmas...........if only in my dreams

Holidays are always hard for me………..there! There is my deep dark confession of the day, I HATE the holidays and love them desperately at the same time. My heart yearns for the traditional perfect family holiday but reality is………life isn’t like that. This year is worse than usual, but I’m hiding it from most everyone because I need to make this holiday special for lots of reasons for the sake of others that I love more than life …..but the stress is getting to me, especially with other dark clouds that hang over our shoulders. They are important and hard to ignore but not what we should be consumed with before Christmas. Trying to make this one special. Extra so since my husbands twin boys are 17 this year and will graduate in May. One will be staying and going to college, the other has plans of his own that do not include hanging around the house for long.

It isn’t as if I have some unrealistic expectations of those around me, quite the contrary. I accept that they are not able to give me whatever silly little fantasy I might think I want, and by worrying about something so insignificant, I am missing out on enjoying what we do have and can share together. So far I am enjoying myself immensely. My husband and I made a run to get the tree ourselves from our local tree farm. We went shopping for most all of the food for Christmas dinner and for over the kids’ school break. Yesterday we were able to finish up buying everything for his boys and the stockings.

While we shopped yesterday the boys and a friend of theirs put the lights up on the tree and we will decorate it later today. Then we will be able to tuck it back out of the way and put some presents out. This year we have to do some fancy packing to fool the boys who say it is too easy to guess their gifts – LOL.

The heartbreak for me today, came when I got confirmation that some Grinch has stolen my package right off my front porch. My son’s Christmas gift which is 38″ BLACK Acoustic Guitar Starter Package (Guitar, Gig Bag, Strap, Pick, eBook) plus my step-son’s girlfriend was going to start his lessons over break – she wants to be a music teacher and a student on her resume couldn’t hurt ;p. He will not receive the replacement until Wednesday after Christmas. Amazon refunded our money and had me reorder it then went in behind me and changed it to one day. Well no one delivers on the weekends anymore and Monday is a holiday so there ya go; Wednesday. And my daughter can’t use her present till then either because the battery we replaced, that got stolen from her DS i, will not be here till after either *sigh* I suppose I should be grateful that they are having Christmas after all with such a bleak outlook as things were a week ago.

So what you ask is my ideal Christmas? Well parts of it I have. A stroll through the Christmas tree farm with my family/husband to choose a tree – most every year. Decorating it together.Choosing gifts for those we love, wrapping them after the kids go to bed. Setting up everything for the morning chaos. Cooking fabulous food to share and the yummy leftovers. Long EQ games with him and his boys. Movies and sometimes video games.

I want to FEEL it. Hot cocoa, lights around the fireplace, a fire, playing board games and/or cards together, waiting for Santa, music, food, stockings hung. Stringing popcorn for the tree. Caroling. Just being together with the spirit of the season – not going to separate corners of the house. These loving memories that usually draw a family together are lacking the depth of emotion that this blended family just doesn’t seem to hold, hard as I wish or try. We are estranged from our respective families as well and his kids don’t really have anyone that cares enough to send them gifts from their family. My kids have my mother and my ex’s parents as well, who are very good to them. Their Tante Kate is sending a special gift as well this year. I will be honest, it understandably causes some tension.

I miss sharing these moments with my sisters and my nieces and nephews and it hurts the worst at these special holidays. I miss friends and the ability to go visit and spend holidays with them. I’ve always wanted to be able to have big holidays where friends and family came to spend it here. I read the updates and I get so envious of all those whose lives are full of these things. (Though I wouldn’t change my life – ya know what I mean) I feel lonely and rootless this time of year. I know it is stupid, and I know there are many who are worse off, who am I to hold a pathetic pity party? I am human though, and compassionate enough to not ruin it for everyone else around me. Though I admit my mood could use a tune-up.

I know my kids miss that same intangible thing I do, they can’t describe it, but I’ve seen the look in their eyes. They just want to have that magical holiday feeling too. It is hard to light it and keep it alive for them when I struggle to feel it for myself. I just want to capture that magic for us all……

Magic of Christmas


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Moving Mountains ~ No Ordinary Love

June 11, 2011 - Author: Ordinary Girl

At the moment that our faith and hope is stretched the thinnest, sometimes we come to an answer that we hadn’t expected. Those among us who profess, with absolute sincerity, that they do not believe in miracles or in fairy tales, somewhere deep within still hope, if even subconsciously, that they do exists. We may even hear stories of,  “I once knew someone who….”, or see a sappy movie that made us lose it and covering with bravado, said “things like that don’t really happen”. Yet secretly we envy the person who experiences such a thing, or wish it were not just Hollywood. So what would you do IF you did witness a miracle? In what ways would it change you? Do miracles still happen? Is there really such a thing as the love we see in movies? Is there anyone out there really listening to our heartfelt pleas? Or are we alone?

Our lives have not been very smooth as I’m sure you can tell if you have read past posts. It has its ups and downs. Lately we have scraped rock bottom. I cried out saying tell me why, give me an answer as to why I should keep fighting. I have grown weary and I have lost sight of the goal by getting lost in ‘the trees’ despite the forest. Every member of this family of 6 has questioned a lot of things, gone through a lot of emotions, gone to the brink and hovered on the razor’s edge. Attitudes have gotten out of control as we struggled to sort the mess made and so we had to take away cell phone and computer privileges.  Which in teenager is the ‘most horrible thing that can happen’ so it had made an impression. The last three days have been different. I have worked hard on some of the places that came to light and were, after thought and consideration, something I was not proud of. *shrug* We all have them. Mine just finally reared their ugly heads. No, I am not accepting all the blame, hang on with me and you will understand.

Back to the last three days. Cameron – has accepted that he may have some issues that need to be dealt with, and so he has (hang on for a shock) told his father that he wants to go to counseling. They were chatting things over and he asked his dad ‘to fix them for him’. When my husband responded that he didn’t know how and couldn’t because not even Cameron himself can say what they are, he just knows something is wrong, that is when Cameron shared that information. He also decided to “try a new tactic” (his own idea) and has been helping out more and more and doing so without complaint. The more they see me visibly doing my fair share, the more they want to, and the more they become aware of doing things to help. The family dynamic was starting to be set into motion.

The funny thing is that I had looked things over myself and decided that I needed to be truthful with myself and dedicate myself to doing the things that I feel are right. Not everything has turned out exactly how either side is planning of course but in a weird way it was working. His dad told me that Cameron had said he is glad he stayed because he would have missed all of ‘this’ – whatever this was, lol. And he was taking great delight in watching everything unfold. We went to his assessment today and the woman who was doing it had a lot of positive things to say. I learned some new things too. One of which was that he has noticed that I am trying not to yell all the time. Even when they have been deliberately butting heads with me I have kept my voice at a level tone and presented my argument rather than thumping them on the head with it. And I told her that he had been working a lot harder and making quite an effort to change the way we interacted – though I had to correct a thing or two *wink*.

They had gone out to weed the garden with me a few days ago. I got stung by a darn bee on Wednesday at noon lol, I only know that because I am allergic and I sent a text to my husband about it. Suddenly it dawned on me, if they were acting out in defense of their dad, chances are that Cam had brought a can of dip home and stashed it somewhere. (there is a story behind this but now is not the time) I went running immediately and said, “Cameron, I KNOW you have some dip, I got stung by a bee and I need some, I won’t rat you out to your dad but I need it now”. And wouldn’t you know out came a can and he said “I swear this is the first day I brought this home”. Honestly I couldn’t have cared less, it had worked once before and I was only interested in not having a reaction. By this time my arm felt like little electric currents were passing through it and the hair on my arm was standing straight up on top of goosebumps. CRAP!!! Slapped a wad of dip on the sting, flattened it down like a poultice, wet it a little with water, and then covered it with a paper towel. I sat there for about twenty minutes (or until it gets dried out basically) and then took two benedryl to be safe. And have done so for the last few days. All that is left is a red spot where I got stung. No doctor, no fuss and all natural. Which does nothing to help our don’t dip argument.

When we got back, we all just kind of hung out in our own separate areas for a bit until I had to leave to go get the kids and my husband had to run out to help a client. I asked both Aley and Cameron if either wanted to ride with. Aley said no and Cameron decided on a whim to go with me. It was about a thirty minute round trip for us, though my husband got stuck out until around 5:47 (yep using my cell phone again). While he was out is where our story truly begins today….


“The spirit of man can endure only so much and when it is broken only a miracle can mend it.”

Circumstances having mellowed considerable Aley was given permission to log onto his computer and check his mail. This is when he received an email from his girlfriend’s mother, who she had gone down to florida to visit for the summer, which said that K, his girlfriend was in the hospital. She is seriously allergic to fruit and somehow had gotten some in a drink and gone into anaphylactic shock; she had been in a coma since Tuesday and he didn’t know. He was grounded from the computer and had his phone pulled for his attitude issue. That thought really sucks. It rips both my husband and my hearts apart. What if? What if we hadn’t give him access to his computer and something had happened?

So Aley got the news that his beloved was lying in a coma and he did not know, he flipped. He called and was reassured that K was being taken care of and though she was in a coma, there was no immediate concern and they were doing all that they could. He was as reassured as one can be when you are in love, 17,  several hundred miles from your girlfriend, and unable to do anything anyway.

We came home to find the house tightly locked and bolted shut. We thought it was odd but getting everyone herded into the house is always so much fun when you have to wrangle 5 dogs of varying size, strength, and ‘I’m so happy to see you’ craziness  at the same time – well lets just say it makes life very interesting. After the dust had settled Cameron had gone to see where Aley was and gotten the boot along with a pissed look and a sharp “GO!!”. When Cam told me that, my mommy radar started screaming. Cameron tried once more and when he came out and made motions with his hands across his face like tears,  I felt a lead weight forming in my stomach and headed for the door to find it locked. I knocked lightly at first and Cameron said behind me “Actually, I wouldn’t do that if I were you” and I looked back at him shaking my head no, knowing that I needed to get inside that room quickly. I repeated the knock and he yelled “WHAT”, I asked him to open the door and he did.

One look told me all I needed to know, it was bad. I said his name and he made no response, just sat there, pissed music playing, silent. I asked him what was wrong and he said “Oh just that her brainwaves have slowed and she is being put on a respirator, if they slow any further her heart will stop……….” I went to him immediately and wrapped him tightly in my arms. I laid my head on his and cradled his head, hugging him tight, trying to give him some of my strength. I hurt so bad for him. I comforted him and while he allowed me to do so, he still had not said anything else; his tears rained down on my bare arm, cool against my sunburn. Each drop seared straight through my heart. This is something you can’t fix for them, you can’t stop it, you can’t protect him. The only thing you can do is hit you knees and pray.

That is exactly what we did. I sent Dennis a text, and while it sucked for him because he was out and as we know from before, guys hate it when they feel powerless and this was his own son – he needed to know. He would give his own life to spare his boy the pain and fought it in his heart; don’t you dare take her, don’t make him go through this, for pities sake don’t do this to him….I am praying a mother’s version of it, please God, spare him this pain – Don’t take the girl. The step and hyphen seem so pithy in this moment. I hurt as bad as if it were my own, I know because I hurt for Ean and Alexandria just like this when their  father was killed. Try as I might to deny it, I love these boys. They are mine and we are a family.

Dennis’  response was “have him call again to hold the phone to her ear and tell her she can’t die because he wants to marry her”. He knew that if something bad happened Aley would regret it forever if he didn’t and it was important to make sure that was expressed without pressing hard enough to crack him, he was so fragile; everything was.

It was all we could do to hold it together. I headed into the darkened room again and talked with Aley. He was scared I could tell. I hugged him tight again and I spoke gently but firmly. I told him she needed him to be strong, she needs to hear your voice Aley. She loves you and yours could be the voice that moves her. He had sent a message a little while ago to her mother saying “tell her I love her more than life itself” and she had moved when her mother relayed the message. I tried not to overdo it and kept it short.I did nothing to hide the pain in my voice, or disguise that I was crying. I told him I love you boy, have faith and pray, pray hard son. There was only silence, so heavy and painful.

As I was headed out he asked for the phone. I brought it to him and went out to the living room. I got another phone (we have 4 extensions) since it says IN USE if someone is on it, just so I could tell if he did call her. I began to pray in earnest now. Pleading for strength and peace. Praying that God’s healing hands be upon her. I prayed that the enemy would be defeated and that Aley’s heart and soul be protected, cradled in HIS hands during this. I did not know how this was going to turn out and it would absolutely devastate Aley. I don’t’ know that he would ever get over it. I hadn’t realized just how serious he was about her. I know what love looks like, and I saw it very clearly written in his eyes, both the depth of his love for her and the desperate fear that he would lose her. This was no high school crush – this was real life, fairytale type love – the forever kind.

Suddenly when I looked down I realized that the phone was on, thank the Lord he was talking to her. I updated my husband and got an answer back which reads (at 5:10 EST): Give Cameron his phone back. It was time to do battle. Cameron sent messages to all of their friends to pray. I sent messages to my friends and family and posted on Facebook a plea as well. PRAY PRAY PRAY as hard as you can. My step-son’s gf is in a coma. She is severely allergic to fruit and she accidentally drank something containing fruit juice. She has been in a coma all day – just now we got word her heart/breathing slowing down. Now on a ventilator. Please pray for healing and strength. My son’s heart is breaking and I don’t think I have ever seen him cry….

The responses were flooding in everywhere and since you can only send a mass message to 10 people at a time from up here, we were staying busy. Love, prayers, alohas and support washed over us from every direction. We were frantically updating, frantically sending thanks and fervently praying.

Now I will tell you what transpired in that lapse of time when he called. Listen well my friends.

He called the hospital after texting her mother. I caught a glimpse of it before I left the room and he was saying that if she had moved when you said that, he at least wanted her to hear his voice. They laid the phone with her and left the room to give them some privacy. He sang to her – in his totally horrible off key notes, he asked her to laugh or make fun of him for it, to give him something. He spoke to her of their plans for what pet to get when they married. I will buy you a rabbit, a ferret and a dog if you want, just don’t go. Stay with me. I love you. He continued singing to her, whatever songs he knew that might hold some meaning known only to them. Will You Go With Me? among others. He began to sing You Look Good In My Shirt and suddenly he heard a voice from the other end. “Who are you talking to?” It was her, she had awoken – she had come home to the sound of his voice. She loves him that much. They love each other that much.

It was an eternity or to be precise, at 5:30 p.m.  he came out of his room and my heart sprung to my chest. It was here. This was the moment. His face was relaxed and he smiled before giving me a thumbs up.

“Is she…?” *nod* “Are you…..?” *another nod* I burst into tears once more and tore across the room to give him a hug. I shouted towards the phone “We love you K” and ran off to tell my husband. He laughed and repeated what I had said to K and he asked her if she knew what day and time it was. She had no memory. He told her it was Friday night and what had happened. “Were you singing Will You Go With Me?” she asked. “Yes.” after a short pause she responded “I heard you”.

It took him a few minutes to convince her to get off the phone and let the others know she was awake and even after that she was sending texts back and forth until she got too tired.

This was some amazing love. How rare and precious this was. How humbling to watch. All things faded into nothing beneath the radiant light of the miracle we had witnessed. Never underestimate the power of prayer and love. Yes, it does exist. I was fortunate enough to bear witness to God moving in such a powerful way. Nothing will ever be the same again. Aley became a man today. And today he also found the meaning of faith, love and miracles. He is forever changed and something stronger than they know yet has been forged between them. It will be strong enough to withstand the very fires of Hell. Something has shifted, a new path has been forged. I know that it will be long in sorting and realizing all that it entails. For right now we are so awed by the splash of the pebble that we have not seen the ripples and they have not stopped moving but just begun.

Where there was only discouragement, we have learned not to sweat the small stuff, because it all small stuff 😉 and we have also seen through the same eyes for that moment in time.

“Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?”
~Henry David Thoreau ~

My husband’s realizations were a mirror of my own. All that we were bickering about, all that we worried about, every single bit of it paled in comparison to what we had just experienced. Oddly emptied of our burdens and more peaceful than we have felt before, we feel that our path has been swept clear. We aren’t sure yet what else the story shall hold, or how it all ends. But we know now that we are not alone. I’m sure it won’t be all sunshine and butterflies but for the first time I’m smiling because nothing will ever matter quite as much in comparison. It is all about perspective, you can learn so much in these moments. We changed more than we thought it was possible. Life is good. Though the two youngest have very little knowledge of what transpired, the family is stronger, the hope is rekindled and thank God, her life was spared.

Her mother told Aley she considers him a part of her family and thanked him for saving her daughter’s life. We are still crying. We are still in awe. We are blessed!!

I leave you with a link of some interesting points to ponder. It is something my husband stumbled across this morning, Points to Ponder and it was so appropriate.  Time is so short, life is so fragile. Live it well my friends. Stay safe and be blessed.


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The Calm After the Storm

April 28, 2011 - Author: Ordinary Girl
This was taken not 3 miles from where she  was
took out an entire gas station and lots of homes and whole trees.
Check out the photographer at her site – Braska Givens

?We knew it was bad. When the storms started we watched each cell form. Thankfully we live up in the mountains in a valley and that protected us. The hail they showed falling outside the TV station, as well as other reports, ranged in size from pea to spiked baseball. The lightning strike counter got as high as the thousands as well. The more we watched it, the more we worried for friends and family in its path. Each wave that passed seemed to gain strength and if we looked toward the mountain range blocking us from town we could see the masses of black clouds piling up. We were not hit by any of the tornadoes but I had friends who were very close. And they had friends who suffered some terrible losses.

??It is so hard to believe all the devastation. There are 68 reported dead so far, just in our area – not even other places in TN. The devastation was so bad it took out the stop lights and the neighborhoods adjacent to the road we travel all the time. Places we drive by all the time. These people have lost everything. The homes are still burning, covered in trees (so much so you cannot see the homes underneath the mess), the rescue crews are still recovering bodies from the destruction as well as removing masses of downed trees and debris just to get to some of these places.

Photo by:  Braska Givens
I have never been prouder though of my husband and my step-sons. They volunteered without hesitation to lend a hand. I don’t know many teenagers who involve themselves in situations like that, mine even called their friends to try to round up more helpful hands.? All the crews were surprised to see them show up from an adjoining county – but we don’t see lines, just people who need our help. Looks like it will take many days and a lot of  work to put a dent in the devastation. My husband got information straight from the power guys and they said it will be five days to a week before the power is restored to these neighborhoods.


.Check out the photographer at her site – Braska Givens
 Thank you for letting me use some of your pictures.
You should check out my friends work – she is super talented


My husband and his sons took a few pictures of the work they were helping with. There is even a picture of a fridge and sink in the lot across the street from one of the homes that was completely destroyed…..the pictures can tell better than I. For I find that words escape me at the moment. This isn’t a usual happening for us, in fact the closest they can compare it to is “the blizzard of ’93”. Ask anyone around here and they will launch into the tale…


This stunned even them. And the crews were so happy to see everyone show up to help, even with all hands on deck it will take up to a week to get everything cleaned up, and even longer than that to rebuild and smooth the scars left as the tornadoes tore through the lives of everyone in the area, in one way or another. Please seek out ways to help. Care packages, money or lend a hand if you are in the area. We need it. They need it.

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