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Dude, Bail? I think bail………..bail. Yep, bail.

June 3, 2013 - Author: Ordinary Girl - Comments are closed

Dear Spoiled-Ass Teenage Jerk-off:

You thought “you could come and go as you please” because you interpreted us saying we would treat you like an adult when you turned 18 to mean free license to act a fool. Let me translate a few things for you.

Having freedom to choose when and where you go is totally different than having 100% freedom to come and go as you please. You cannot come home at 3-4 am or whenever, simply because, no matter how you now choose to live your life, we have business to handle. We are still going to work, paying bills and taking care of younger kids. We cannot be woken at any time of the middle of the night you decide to stroll in because we have to actually sleep and be responsible. Remember the dogs will bark their asses off and so there is no coming in silently, not to mention we hear the vehicles. It is part of respecting whatever household you are in. Trust me, if you worked a third shift job and people were louder than hell when you were trying to sleep you would be the FIRST to lose your mind and temper. It also doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t at least ball park the who, what, when and where so that if something happens, we know how to get a hold of you and when-ish to expect you in case, God forbid, you were in an accident. It has happened before and it almost killed you and Alex so why the hell would you turning one year older change us worrying about your safety? You say you will be home or we expect you and then you don’t show – we worry. Oh my God we are TERRIBLE parents. Get a fucking! And to top it off, you expect us to tell you every single detail of our lives and reasoning but feel like you shouldn’t have to tell us anything.

Paying for your own car insurance and gas is not special, it is NORMAL. You are not helping out the family by doing this. You are preventing YOUR issue from becoming ours by handling it, and let me remind you we carried your ass for a LONG time when you couldn’t get it together AND paid for your gas; now you are merely handling what you should have been doing since 16. You are 3 years late and much too ungrateful.

You treat the house like it is the college buffet. There is nothing wrong with you wiping out 6 pieces of fish or 8 eggs in the morning (in one sitting) for example and then you ask us how dare we hint you should have been helping out with a bill or the food since you were working. If you HAD been doing these things, you might have a legitimate argument, but you weren’t even close, you want to blow all your money on BS with your friends. And accuse your dad of mistreating you to ask you this at the age of 19. Like it was the same as his parents making him pay for his own room as the oldest since he was 15.

You can say you were gonna all you want and the fact is that in life, actions will always speak louder than words. Not ONCE have we been able to go out to dinner or on a date. Not even once in a blue moon because your fun is top priority. Not once did you offer to help your dad by doing things you know needed to be done. Nope, you would add to his list by breaking shit then never even attempting to fix them, let alone pay for them. You did not want to handle your ONE chore in this house – and couldn’t even change a bathroom trash can, you were not around to take care of your dog – she was never walked, had to beg you to go out, even peed on your bed because you barely bothered. You refused to help out any extra and bitched about the little you did, didn’t bother with your father’s birthday or Father’s Day ever unless I reminded you, let alone care about holidays or birthdays for anyone but yourself. This is not being a loving, good son; no matter how smart ass you say it to your dad.

You were not the babysitter, you have been asked ONCE recently and that was to make a trip out to Nashville to see the specialist, and all you had to do was get them off the bus and feed them and put them to bed. OMG so fucking hard. You are so put upon. You aren’t a man, you aren’t even close. A real man cares about his family, a real man pulls his share and more if someone can’t, a real man thinks about someone other than himself, a real man admits his mistakes and seeks to better himself. You are a wanna-be, nothing more. You know it and most people know it. You would be surprised how many people have stopped me since hearing what you did to say how stupid you are and what an asshole you act like when you aren’t here. I sure hope someone knocks that chip off your shoulder soon or you are in a world of trouble. That anger you hoard is gonna spill over and it is going to be ugly.

You have literally been out nearly every night with your buddies this semester. You had all the freedom you could desire and the support both financial and emotional you could have desired. Good luck on your own out there. The world is gonna take a bite out of you. You are too stubborn and arrogant to last long without it happening.

Oh and your sick, fucked in the head accusations about Sable and us “doing something” to her just show me how disturbed you really are. Chaos is just fine and actually doing better now than he was before he got left.  Dad doesn’t want to see you or talk to you right now because he is so hurt and for that reason alone I can’t vouch for the reception you will get from me.



P.S. Fuck you. Karma will be there soon.

I said it

Sorry friends, this too shall pass. Stay safe and be blessed. I pray that your families are at peace and that ours will find peace soon.


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Discussion (2 Comments)

  1. Out of curiosity, does this “man” read your blog? Or are you just venting.
    I think it be great if he did read this….

    This post hit me hard… but, not because I was once this stubborn ass of an “adult”… But, because I have been on my own… REALLY ON MY OWN, since I was 17. I was emancipated high school junior (almost senior)… I had a full time job, went full time to high school… and had to pay rent. I had a car, but, I had to maintain the insurance on it.. and pay for my gas… and my food. Turning to my parents wasn’t an option. Well, the truth, turning to my mother wasn’t an option. It was safer for me to be an adult at 17, than to live in that house. My father worked far far away… So, I couldn’t turn to him, even if I wanted to.
    Life was hard. Life sucked.
    And, when I hear or read these stories about these jerk off kids… Who don’t want to even TRY… it makes me angry.
    I wish that I had a safe support system, even just to get through high school… let alone college…
    But, I didn’t… I roughed it by myself… And led a weaving, meandering, pointless existence until I had my son.

    I hope someone does knock the chip of his shoulder… I hope he learns to appreciate all that you guys have given to him.

    (Sorry for the vent.)

    • by Ordinary Girl

      I am not sure if HE reads it, but there are plenty of people from the family who do (in fact his twin is the one who takes this and tries to make me look bad. He reads it and runs his mouth) & he might even look out of a sense of morbid curiosity. (Please I hope so) They know how/where to find me.

      I had been protecting my sisters since I was 7 (from a TRUE wicked step-father) and when I hit 17 life at home had unraveled completely. My father committed suicide the day before my senior year and the relationship with my mother broke down in it’s final stages. I left when I was 17 and I haven’t gone back.

      I too wish I had that support system. I might have made it through college and the accident that nearly killed me. Instead, like you I wandered to find me. But I promised, I would be there for my kids in a way no one has ever been there for me.

      It isn’t too late for him, he has a few months to pull his head out and hear from other people out in the world (other than us) the encouragement and push to not let college go. To fix his mistake rather than let this ruin his life.

      However, he is the one we call an “old man in a teenage body” – once he gets his mind set it is often impossible to change him. So THAT is the reason I say he might have to learn the hard way. We thought he would definitely dig his heels in because he wasn’t going to be like his brothers; we are kind of still hoping for that.

      I think we have a lot in common <3 I'm so glad we met and thank you for coming over. Your response meant a LOT to me, because I knew I was taking a risk posting this. It sounds heartless and I wasn't sure it would be understood. Thanks for your honest response, This letter is for all the parents out there, all the people out there who feel like you do. Angry that those who DO have these things treat them so casually when we would give anything to have them ourselves....

      Much love sweetie.