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For All the Haters….

March 21, 2013 - Author: Ordinary Girl - Comments are closed

all the shit you put me thruI love how people take a honestly reflective blog and try to beat someone with it. Problem is, if I’m putting it out here, it isn’t anything that is able to be used against me as a weapon. I’m not stupid folks, and if you think that by me admitting I was wrong or weakness here means I’ve failed or some such nonsense, you are once again mistaken. I am stronger for the things I learn. If you never fall, you never grow. The last several years have been full of lies and manipulations yes, but they have been so happy too. Self-pity, for those who don’t know, involves someone living a warped version of the truth because they are unwilling to admit the kinds of things I do here. The emotions that run us are only powerful if they were to remain unspoken and left to be sulked about. Instead I take it, put it here and let it go. I’ve helped a LOT of people over the years both here and other places. If you don’t like it or want to judge then you are absolutely free to do so.

If you cannot see the swings up and down then it is YOU I pity. Because to truly have a family means going through the good and the bad with them. And to say that there is never any bad would be a damn lie if anyone said it. You can have a regular family, a single parent family or a blended family – it doesn’t matter. I don’t attack, I put out the truth; good, bad, mine and theirs. They each know and have always known about this blog. If you haven’t realized that it hangs off our personally owned website, well then you know now. Keep reading, keep hating because you are a mere ripple on the outside edges of my life and matter very little.

We will cull those that keep trying to drag us down and destroy our marriage and family – you are no longer welcome here. In fact each and every person verbally severed familial ties after this last debacle. You crushed the last hope D had that you had grown up and were willing to admit your part in this story. Like the $5K you blew at Cumberlands and ran off to AZ and the Army instead. We haven’t demanded payment in court like the rest of the crazy family likes to do, or maybe you would prefer we acted like them? Cuz if we are so bad and they are so good, we should copy their actions right?

It’s always hard to be the one standing trying to explain until suddenly you realize you could talk till you were blue in the face and yet the other person will just keep on believing their lie. And even more suddenly you realize that you don’t care, that lie has no power to affect you again. The truth will win out and I will keep on taking care of my family. You lose, you fail to affect us now or ever again. Have a nice life.

biggest mistake

P.S. there is NO fair in fight when it come down to it now. You have pushed way too far over the line. D wants you to know this!!

Sorry for the interruption my friends, until next time, stay safe and be blessed.




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