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Sunday Reflections

April 17, 2011 - Author: Ordinary Girl

I am honestly having a hard time putting thought to word today. Not a problem I usually have. My mind is full of thoughts that spin in thousands of different directions. Usually when I feel this disquieted I start out taking a drive and usually end up at the church I’ve gone to off and on here. We used to go all the time before we moved, I even got involved in heading several projects in the church (long story for maybe another day); the coffee shop and the singles group. When I left Kansas I never did much work finding a new one. I stumbled onto a very small church one day that I loved. We went several times and then I quit because I was so sick for so long. When we got married, I called that pastor and he married us (coincidentally it was their 11 year anniversary on that same day). I didn’t feel like driving today – not after it took $92.00 to fill my truck up.

So I went outside and decided to work in the garden again. I planted a pot of flowers [Canterbury Bells, Bells of Ireland with some Sweet Alyssum to add some soft white], a new bush in the front (I really wish I knew what it is, we transplanted it from up on the bank in front of our house. We marked out the outline of our garden and are looking for the spot we are going to plant the melons. Since they climb so much we want the watermelon, canteloupe and pumpkins to have room to spread without smothering the rest of our garden. Plus we are growing a small batch of giant pumpkins for Halloween. Should be cool to carve them when it is time.



Canterbury Bells


Bells of Ireland


Sweet Alyssum
They will be moving the boat away from my blueberry bush and I am weeding out the area under the blackberries as well – since my step-sons won’t be careful not to whack it down or they avoid it all together so the grass strangles them. With the strawberries and rhubarb added to the garden, the jelly this year should be fantastic.
Wish I could say my mind is at rest now, but I think maybe a full day of working in the dirt and a good nights sleep may just be the cure. If not, at least it will look awesome outside. :p
I will be doing a regular group of these having to do with gardening and canning. With 6 of us in the house it just makes good sense plus it is rewarding to watch the fruit of your hands grow. I will post pictures of the progress as well. The ones today are just examples.



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