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Has it really been a decade?

July 24, 2013 - Author: Ordinary Girl
baby tornado

baby tornado

It was 10 years ago that you blew into our lives. Strong and stubborn and so beautiful. You reminded me of a precious moments doll. It wasn’t hard to guess from the start how it was going to be. I think back fondly of our “push wars” when I was pregnant. Little peanutĀ  would dig into my hipbone and stretch – I’d put a hand there to stop her and the tug of war began LOL. I used to joke that after you were born first I would kiss you then I would swat your stubborn little butt. LOL. Little did I know how caught up in your energy we would all be.

You didn’t want to do any work to get here but once you decided to be born, you had the doctor running in the room, diving into gown and gloves and GO!!

You were 3 1/2 years behind your brother but you didn’t waste a moment. By the time you were 2 you had already been the first with a staple, dislocated your elbow climbing in church, been through a surgery, had the full allergy testing done, ear tubes and more and come through it all fighting.

That night I sat in the chapel praying when you were sick with rotovirus, the day you and Mr. BBP had the wreck….those are a couple of heart stopping moments that come to mind. But you haven’t let anything dampen that fiery spirit of yours. Not a day goes by that I don’t thank God for you though. I needed someone to shake me down to the core and bring me face to face with life. You see it isn’t a parent “curse” it is more like what you need in your life, you will see through your children and their journey if you pay attention.

When she was still in diapers a group of me and my friends got together in a madcap weekend we still dub Kansastock. (circa 95?) She charmed the pants off the group and so no one believes me when I tell them she is rotten *giggle* And once she turned those baby blues on anyone they were a goner.

My auntie & me

My auntie & me

Here is a pic of her with my SS – y’all know her as 1st Time Mamma. I hope she doesn’t mind that I shared this. I guess I am waxing melancholy about a lot of things. This was the first time they had met and as you can see – Tornado was quite content to snuggle up with her auntie and she was the type of kid that you were lucky if she warmed up to you, contrary to her brother who never met a stranger.

She is my stubborn child, my turn around and do the opposite child. She is my strong one, the one that doesn’t let herself be pushed around. In fact I hope she keeps on that way, because at 8 or 9 she was already smarter than me. She came home one day and told me that she had “broken up” with her bf. *rolls eyes* I asked why and she said that he wouldn’t play with her, then when they were doing some cheerleading stuff he ran off and dropped her. So she snaps her hands to her hips, does that little head swivel thing, then whips out the finger wag and says “I told him that if he didn’t want to spend time with me and didn’t care about my safety, then I will find someone who will”…..

I tell you friends, I wanted to drop to my knees and thank God then and there. LOL. Pray that she keeps that in her mind as she gets older. She will avoid a lot of heartache that way.

As time has gone on, she has gotten more stubborn and more beautiful. She stays pretty effortlessly on the A/B honor roll, don’t know what she could do if she actually put effort into it. She isn’t really self-conscious about herself. She was able to make up a demonstration and present it to the class for her 4-H project without any help from me. We were going to do sewing but I got sick and wasn’t able to help her. She as usual didn’t let that stop her and boldly stepped out on her own. She is forever tackling things that are twice her size and seems surprised when she comes up against something that stumps her. She has a wicked temper, a smart mouth and a helluva pair of lungs but the sheer boundless joy and appreciation she has for the things and people she loves go far toward forgiving her those foibles.

We will get a handle on things as she continues to grow and I couldn’t be prouder of how strong, loving, compassionate and smart my kids are. She was the first girl on either side so she is spoiled like every little princess should be, with enough guidelines and firm parenting to keep her on this side of good.

Happy 10 th Birthday my little blue-eyed tornado. I cannot wait to see what life brings you, to walk along your side as you triumph and fall. To watch that live out loud attitude take you the places you dream of already. Dad and I love you and are so proud of you. And I know that if your daddy was still here, he would be too.

Bubba & Tornado

Bubba & Tornado

All grown up

All grown up

You’ve come a long way baby….









Until we meet again, stay safe and be blessed.

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Snapped ~ Week 5

June 19, 2013 - Author: Ordinary Girl
Splash, Funny Face, Dads, and Irony


So I might have gone a LITTLE crazy with my Snapping this time. LOL. They were such awesome words to work with that I couldn’t control myself. I hope you enjoy the little trip down memory lane with me as well as the photo fun.

My son and his BD

My son and his BD

My son is a few days old in this picture. His daddy adored him and they were inseparable. Life changes and sadly, he went to heaven 5 years ago. A very troubled man who fought his demons and lost, but deep down a good person and he loved his kids. We were young, dumb and in love but I can’t regret the past that brought me my most precious gifts in life… children

Me & my dad. Don't have a lot of pictures or memories.

Me & my dad. Don’t have a lot of pictures or memories.

I never knew my dad and have few memories. This is one of my favorites – yes I’m dating myself with the sepia color and the 80’s decor. :p Sue me hee hee

My wonderful hubby & my daughter. Her first daddy/daughter dance.

My wonderful hubby & my daughter. Her first daddy/daughter dance.

We are blessed to have my husband in our lives. He is a great bonus dad and the kiddos adore him. My kids call him dad (yes they know they have two – one here and one in heaven) and the tornado was psyched to be going to her first “grown-up” dance with her dad.

My grandfather, my central father figure and the greatest man I have ever known.

My grandfather, my central father figure and the greatest man I have ever known.

I miss him every day. There are so many times I wish I could ask his opinion and advice. I wish my kids had known him like I did. We always think we have so much time and sometimes there are words left unspoken. Some day we shall sit together and catch up. I often find myself sharing something with my kids that he shared with me as a child. I know when they were babies I sung “Swingin’ on a Star” to them, just as he did for me.

My daughter when she was a baby. She looked like a precious moments doll. She doesn't know what to do with the baby here. lol

My daughter when she was a baby. She looked like a precious moments doll. She doesn’t know what to do with the baby here. lol

She has always been way too cute for her own good. I LOVE this face she is making here. I think she was about 1 at that time.

Hmm !st Time Mamma knows the story behind this adorable pout. Yes that is a shopping cart and yes that is Walmart.

Hmm 1st Time Mamma knows the story behind this adorable pout. Yes that is a shopping cart and yes that is Walmart.

I made the mistake of getting in……….all my friends thought it would be funny to prevent me from getting out. I pouted they laughed and took pictures. I swear I thought we were going to get kicked out.

My son is hilarious in his expressions

My son is hilarious in his expressions

He just takes everything in stride with the most hilarious results sometimes.

This basically covers both the funny face and splash section. They were so funny I just had to share. Then I got carried away …..

ean splash

funny face splash

hee hee

nut shot

slip n slide



And the painful one. You know, where life offers you a hindsight glance at something and you go wow, that was ironic and I didn’t even know it at the time. I used to adore this picture, now it hurts – both of us.

Never would have thought this would turn out to be true in the future...figuratively speaking of course...

Never would have thought this would turn out to be true in the future…figuratively speaking of course…

Thanks for joining the picture scavenger hunt game. Hope you enjoyed it. Until next we meet, stay safe and be blessed.


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