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The Aftermath – Fingerprint Friday

April 29, 2011 - Author: Ordinary Girl - 8 Comments

And still much to be done

The house in the background has a tree in the center of it…I hope the family is safe

What is left of our ‘neighbors’ homes in Cleveland
And some had nothing left.

Fridge and sink from the house that was
completely destroyed across the street.


God Bless the South – and all those affected
photo by: Braska Givens

No other words will suffice – these are the deep fingerprints left in our homes, our backyard, our lives and those of our fellow Americans. Please pray – or lend a hand. People are desperate. May you all be blessed and safe!!

For more fingerprints check out The Rusted Chain

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Discussion (8 Comments)

  1. by PrincessMommyPants

    Thank you for stopping by. It was hard to even shuffle thru them but I felt so deeply the struggle and am glad to see so many people rising to the occasion. (HUG) 🙂

  2. by Summer Gypsy

    Hi there,
    Thanks for visiting today and leaving your link. These pictures are so heart wrenching. We will come back…better and stronger by the grace of God. Take care.

  3. by PrincessMommyPants

    Bethe77: Thank you very much, it is hard to get the words, even to write a brief bit about it. Makes my heart ache.

    Jennifer: We need them. Our neighbors in Tuscaloosa and Ringold – I can only imagine because it was heartbreaking here.

    Laura: It is a great blog, and I find myself very uplifted by all the fingerprints and everyone's interpretations of them. 🙂 Glad to have been able to pass it along.

    Thank you ladies so much, I am warmed continually by the love and support that has poured in from everywhere. It helps to strengthen us and we are grateful! Blessings to you all.

  4. by Laura@OutnumberedMom

    Your pictures really brought it home. Thanks for the link — I'm going to check it out. Prayers and prayers for all those affected.

  5. by Jennifer

    Oh, wow, these pictures are amazing. How completely devastating. My thoughts and prayers are with all of these families.

  6. by Bethe77

    Words are not there. But love and prayers.

  7. by PrincessMommyPants

    Thank you Kerri! We are grateful we weren't directly affected but so many of our neighbors were….I even got a link from a friend for people who would like to help – every little bit helps. Including the prayers 🙂

  8. by Kerri

    Wow – that's all I can say. I'm glad you are safe. Thank you for pics. Am praying for you and your part of the country!

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