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We Snapped Fun

June 15, 2013 - Author: Ordinary Girl - Comments are closed


Yes, I am late to the game this week. Haven’t been feeling well and have been spilling my guts to y’all instead. So to make up for it, I am playing a game as well as doing our Snapped fun today. Here are my little finds for this week’s words: Architecture – Nature Clutter – History – Tree Magic





I was forced to cheat this week and dig through the bowels of my computer for something good. Hope it passes muster with the Royal gang or I’m in timeout and don’t get any brownies. For the record, I’m a brownie whore. ;-p


If this barn could talk…………the HISTORY it would tell


Nature Clutter – when the Kudzu blooms it is purple climbing everywhere


Tree Magic – yeah it is a bit of a stretch but the trees have power here to stop traffic and at least one will be bound to be across the road.

I couldn’t decide on an Architecture one, so I decided to share some photos from the chapel where my husband and I got married.


The Wedding Chapel


looking down the aisle towards the front

dove on the chapel ceiling

carved dove on the ceiling

front of chapel

close up of the front of the chapel

Picture 132

Hope you had fun joining us this week for The Snapped Tour. See you again next week. Stay safe and be blessed.

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Discussion (4 Comments)

  1. Oh WOWzers those are some great pics. I love them all! totally brownie-worthy!

    • by Ordinary Girl

      ROCK ON!!! Hee hee I totally get brownies :p Thanks for visiting me ladies, I love sharing this scavenger hunt picture fun with y’all 😀

  2. by The Queen

    Oh my honey.. I love these.. I had to look at them for a little while because I enjoyed them so much. Thank you for joining us. Freaky Friday is a fun thing to do. If you want to do it in secret.. we have a family blog I can hook you up with.. and no one knows it’s you.. he he.. cause we’re cool like that..

    • by Ordinary Girl

      Oh thank you so much, these are some of my favorite pictures. I would LOVE to do it, and I would prefer to do it in private lol – I can let loose with y’all then hee hee. So yeah pass that along please!!!!

      Thanks for stopping in and I will totally see you soon. Time to start putting MY timeline first…..