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We’ve Snapped ~ Come and Join Us

June 6, 2013 - Author: Ordinary Girl - Comments are closed

It’s easy, quick, fun, and all you simply have to do is check out the week’s theme/words, look through and use the pictures you take or have taken with you computer, smart phone, Ipad, tablet, and etc,,and post them on your blog with a small word or blurb next to the picture.

So, The Queen, The Mad Katter & The Dutchess dragged me along into the chaos and I’ve snapped too. We decided to make life a bit fun and adventurous and we challenge all you to grab a badge, link up and join the fun. Find this weeks link here: The Mad Katter: We Snapped! Again!


Just to make it easy this weeks words are:




This is my forgotten. So many little buildings and equipment in the mountains just left sitting.



My kiddos and the reflection in our swimming hole.


The morning casting dewy shadows across the front yard.


And all the lovely texture on my tree


There is more fun to be had at our private island. Location here: The Royal Island Hangout Beachparty

You will find forums, help topics, chats and much more fun there. Come be part of our cozy little family and join us weekly for the Snapped Tour.

Until we meet again, stay safe and be blessed.


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Discussion (12 Comments)

  1. by Dutch

    Fantastic photos! Thanks for playing and allowing us to drag you down, along 😉

    • by Ordinary Girl

      *giggle* Can’t think of a better bunch to be “down” with 😉

  2. Gosh I love your pictures.. thanks for playing along. I have missed you.. hope to see more of you around our kingdom.. you rock my world!

    • by Ordinary Girl

      This was a lot of fun Thanks for having me along 🙂 I’ve missed you guys so much too!! Glad to be back rockin’ & rollin’

      ~Hell on Wheels

  3. by Joy

    WOW, these are GREAT pictures! Are you a photographer by trade? You should be, you really have an eye.

    • by Ordinary Girl

      I am not but thank you so much for the lovely compliment. I went to school for Journalism and did some photography classes then. We were still developing actual film back then LOL

      Hubby got me an amazing camera so it isn’t too hard to catch all the good stuff just laying around the Smokey Mountains. <3 I would love to get back into maybe some sort of regular photo taking though, I've had some good ideas driving around lately. I make it a habit to take the camera with me - first rule of photography. 😉 (been caught without it more than once and been really sorry)

      Thanks for stopping in 🙂 and I sure hope this keeps going because it was so much fun!! I look forward to all the interpretations of the words.

  4. Wonderful pics! I loved all of them. Each one gave you an exact description of the word…only in feelings! Bravo!

    • by Ordinary Girl

      Thank you so much!! I was hoping to catch some good ones like that. This was loads of fun and I totally can’t wait for the next one. Thanks for stopping in you guys.

  5. I loved your pics…
    That is until I read “swimming hole” and then I had a redneck flashback to swimming in silty ponds/lake/horsetanks/etc. and cringed to think I’ll only swim in clear blue water now. I’m such a pampered princess anymore.
    Still… I loved your pics.
    Thanks for linking up.

    • by Ordinary Girl

      LOL – then you would really hate to hear we lost power 2 years ago for 4 days and we even took bars of soap and shampoo to the swimming hole and rednecked our baths for those days 😉

      If it didn’t come straight from the mountain and to us in the National Forest I would be waaaay more grossed out. Something about becoming a parent has cause me to become a germaphobe :p

  6. Cool pics!

    • by Ordinary Girl

      Thank you my dear. And thanks for coming back to see what fun I had in store 🙂 great to see your lovely face around here regularly, 🙂